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Blog – June 1st, 2020

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Blog - June 2020, Introducing Daniele Marzeddu


Son of a family originally from the city of Oristano, Daniele has lived in Sardinia for the first years of his life, and has travelled far and wide throughout the island for over 30 years. His passion for anthropology and archaeology led him to discover the most remote places on the island, as well as its archaic carnivals and remote archaeological sites dating four millennia B.C.

Graduated in Art and Heritage from the University of Venice, Daniele has been shooting since he was 7. He usually describe himself as a son of migration, and he is a sort of stateless person. Having lived in South Austria, Venice, Portugal, Spain and several different cities in Europe, he has settled in the UK since 2015.

Saxophonist, events organiser and traveller he has collaborated with cultural institutions of Portugal, Italy and the UK. A multi award-winning director with his documentaries about social history, he is currently carrying out photographic and crossing-art projects between the British Isles and the Continent.

Daniele is partecipating to Island2Island Art with a video project  based on a reading of excerpts from Sea and Sardinia (1921) by the English writer D.H. Lawrence accompanied by the music composed by the film director Antonio Meloni for his film "Side Effect" (2020).

We are sharing Daniele's thoughts on Island2Island Art and his attraction to the project.


Rita Carta Manias: What attracted you to Island2Island Art exhibition? 

Daniele Marzeddu: I was impressed by the originality of the concept, after having thought that two islands have much more in common than one can imagine, not only by being islands with the obvious sense of “islandness”, but, more than clearly, the way islanders share a common sentiment of archetypical culture.


RCM: What is the message that you would like to share with Island2Island Art audience?

DM: I have been working on Sardinian topics for over 10 years. As a photographer I have travelled across Sardinia and Britain discovering great similarities between the two.

As a matter of fact I am producing a show for the centenary of DH Lawrence's “Sea and Sardinia” publication, which I believe it will represent a homage to a great British writer who created an artistic connection Britain/Sardinia in the 20th century.


RCM: How do you identify in terms of nationality?

DM: I have lived in so many different places during my life that I do not feel any belonging to any particular nation. Moreover, I believe we are just humans that are influenced by contingencies and the places where we experience precise moments of our lives. 

Leonardo was Florentine, but also Milanese and French.

Picasso was Spanish but also French, and their art and their mind were undoubtedly universal.

To me nationality is just an easy way of categorising groups of individuals.


RCM: How does your artwork connect your background to Sardinia and Great Britain? 

DM: I have been living in the UK for 5 years, and I have been influenced by many of its great artists and writers. Stylistically I have loved the work by the Joy Division as an art group, as well as the whole post punk movement, or photographers such as Anton Corbijn and Kevin Cummins. I got to know Britain also thanks to the art of Ken Loach.

In Sardinia there are many of “urbex” decadent locations as well as archaic spots with lots in common with the British moors and old quarries. But it is not easy to explain your own work, it is more a great compound of memories and attitude.


RCM: What outcome would you like to achieve by showing your artwork at Island2Island Art exhibition? 

DM: I am glad that people in London and the UK will be able to taste some Sardinia and be meeting the artists in person. A good excuse for us and them to be experiencing reality out of our digital life.


Daniele is developing the 'Sea and Sardinia 100' project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of DH Lawrence's travel book. A collaboration with the DH Lawrence Society that will give life to the production of a film, a book and a theatrical show recalling memories and emotions inspired by Lawrence's words about the essence of Sardinia and its people.


Explore Daniele's work on his website: https://www.danielemarzeddu.com/

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